Art works

The following links should take you to the post for each work:

Resounding Rivers (throughout Belfast funded by PLACE and Belfast City Council, 2010)
Blackstaff is Belfast (ISEA Juried Exhibit, Ormeau Baths, Belfast 2009)
The Fountain Experiment (Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol 2009)
In Hear, Out There: Yokohama (Dislocate 2008, Yokohama/Tokyo 2008)
Big Bee (Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, July 2008 )
Present Place (PS2 Gallery, Belfast, June 2008 )
In Hear, Out There: Madrid (MediaLab-Prado, Madrid, March 2008 )
Cyclo-Phone (HP Mediascape Conference, Bristol, December 2007)
Spectrogram: HEARIMPROV (Sage, Gateshead, October 2007)
ARIA-phone (Invest Northern Ireland Innovation Conference, Belfast, May 2007)
Time Machine (Threshold, Perth Concert Hall, January 2007)
Sparkle (Threshold, Perth Concert Hall, December 2006)
Marrakattak (2 performances inc. Pixelazo, Colombia, February 2007)
Bump! (Futuersonic Festival, Manchester, July 2006)
Tao Joystick (2 demonstrations inc. Trampoline, Nottingham, November 2006)
Lyre Bird (Threshold, Perth Concert Hall, Permanent installation, which opened Sept 2005)
SIT (The Matthew Gallery, Edinburgh, March 2005)


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