About Me

I am a Researcher, Sound Artist and Audio Tutor.

At present I am partaking in a PhD Studentship at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University, Belfast, UK. This research represents a partnership between the school and the Hewlitt-Packard Media labs, Bristol, UK. My PhD research focuses on the situated sound sensitive systems – pervasive technologies positioned in place that sympathize with the surrounding sound field.

As part of, or separate to, my studies I have partaken in several art commissions. These include a permanent interactive sonic entrance space in the Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, UK (2005) and a pervasive network exploration at the Future Sonic Festival, Manchester, UK (2006). Furthermore, I am the creator of an audiovisual instrument, ‘Marattack’ which has been incorporated into several performances including one within the Pixelazo festival, Columbia (2007).

In addition to my practice I am also a keen educator. I have delivered a variety of music/sound technology programs to individuals of varying ages and abilities. These include youth workshops for City Halls, Glasgow, UK and the BBC, Glasgow, UK and artist focus groups at ISIS Arts, Newcastle, UK. Additionally I support the undergraduate courses here at SARC, specializing in computing programming for sonic arts.




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