ISEA 2009 various presentations

Blackstaff is Belfast, a work in collaboration with Stuart Sloan, was in the juried exhibit at Ormeau Baths (see earlier post).
– I conducted a talk in the  ‘Entertainment and Mobility’ session on the Saturday (28/08/2009) under the heading The Urban Aesthetic and Positive mobile intervention. Within the talk i went through a few of my works with a particular focus upon how sound delivered through locative media can be used to accentuate aspects of real environments.
– A presentation of media from a number of my works was shown in Dublin (ISEA travelled outside of Belfast quite a fair bit) within the Sound-Space-Network exhibition held within the Broadcast Gallery, DIT. For this demonstration i produced a short locative media experimentation entitled A Street just like this one which overlaid the sound of Antrim Road, Belfast onto Portland Row, Dublin (the street in front of the gallery). I had identified that both streets were of similar dimensions, with a similar number of tributaries which were correspondingly distributed. The piece demonstrated that even though the streets were socially and culturally very different, the sound of these two streets could still be confused because the soundscape was dominated by insignificant, featureless sound such as traffic. Hence, the work was vaguely political.

– C13 Digital Arts Collective, which i had established in response to discussions at the ISEA pre symposium in the Autumn of 2008, were involved in two art projects. C13 are described as follows:

C-13 are an ensemble of sound artists, musicians, programmers, animators, architects, visual artists, photographers and filmmakers. The group was founded in 2009. Their collaborative practice challenges traditional media archetypes and explores the tensions between site, medium, artist and audience.

The first contribution to ISEA 2009 was an intervention staged at Ormeau Baths where members of the group hijacked one of the works within the ISEA juried exhibit, adding to it or distorting it or reframing it. The second contribution was the coordination of Outside ISEA which was a four day rolling exhibition within a freight container positioned out the front of the Waterfront Hall, Belfast where the main elements of ISEA were taking place. In all, there were 20 different artists, or groups of artists, who showed work within the period. For a detailed timetable go to This opportunity was afforded by PS2 Gallery, Belfast.

C13: Richard Davis, Stuart Sloan, Gareth Andrews, Phil Magorrian, Acitore Artezione, Suzan Holmes, Alana Avery, Keith Winter and myself.


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