In Hear, Out there: Yokohama

Created specifically for and exhibited within the Dislocate Festival event (, Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan. Creation: 3 – 13th September 2008, exhibit: 13th – 21st.

Work and work process are documented upon a separate blog, please visit:

Overview of general “In hear, Out there” ethos:

I shall be constructing and presenting a sonic work which utilizes locative media technologies, specifically GPS, as a means to create a virtual sound overlay upon a particular place. This augmentation is to be the palette of another place, be that near or far away. Hence, a hybrid place is created: we still ’see’ and the ‘feel’ the present place but our sound sense is now altogether different. Thus, the experience of being within the host locale has altered.

Through the juxtaposition of sound upon image (as described above) i am able, for whatever purposes, to highlight difference or similarity between places in a powerful and unique manner. I am able to amplify, distort or contrast situational elements. Furthermore, through contemplation upon what is heard and what is seen, the engaging participant is encouraged to re-evaluate their understanding of the immediate location.

In order to achieve the above (the relocation of sonic structures, paths or motifs from one place into another) a large catalogue of sound must be gathered, edited and thoughtfully redistributed. Therefore, this work is very much an ethnographic piece: a sound document is created which acts as a record of place. I must study this sound material, identifying the aural particularities of the place in question, and make comment upon what this sound says about the place and it’s inhabitants.

Yokohama work:

“In Hear, Out there: Yokohama” explored the urban green belt surrounding the Yokohama Stadium. The site was originally expected to serve the city in one particular manner: to accommodate the stadium’s pedestrian traffic. However, the space has been renegotiated by the surrounding community and has become a centre for a diverse number of activities. Furthermore, this alteration to use, adaptation of place, occurs continually throughout the day, week, month or beyond. The work acknowledged this phenomenon and provided sound document of it. This evidence was then distributed throughout the stadium site, providing the participant with an ability to spatially explore the many temporal faces of park complex whilst making a comparison with the present condition.

Video Document:

Document of a locative sound project entitled “In Hear, Out there: Yokohama”. Sound is presented binaurally and represents that heard by a participant navigating through the Yokohama Stadium complex, Japan. The work utilised a mobile device with GPS capability.

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