In Hear, Out there: Madrid

Original proposal selected by MediaLab-Prado for creation within the workshop/conference, Madrid, March 3-14 2008. In continuation, work was exhibited within MediaLab, 26 March – 18 May 2008

Primarily, work created in collaboration with Maria Priesto and Andrew Henley. 

Work awarded “Second prize” in the international new media art competition “Culturas 2008” within the category of “Coordinates: states of change”. For more details see

“In Hear, Out There” is a locative-art installation anchored to the central space of AZCA, Madrid.

This project takes the park of AZCA as an uncompleted canvas. It deals with an intercultural dialogue between place and memory, in the interplay of digital technologies and the histories of the chosen space.

The work injects the sensation of three public amenities into AZCA: an Opera House, a Botanic Garden and a Library. These are previous designs for AZCA, a site which sought to provide the most modern and ‘European’ space in Spain. The project evokes this forgotten expectation through the creation of an audiovisual, interactive urbanscape inspired by three of Madrid’s most emblematic facilities: Teatro Real, Real Jardín Botánico, and Biblioteca Nacional. Sounds and images from those places are spatialized in AZCA.

“In Hear, Out There” is an augmented, Hyper-real urban experience.

The work is delivered through a PDA mobile device and develops according to the GPS position of the user. Through this method, fully rendered 3D sound structures can be formed. These are accompanied by exemplary visualizations.

“In Hear, Out There” is intended as a collaborative, unlimited montage of the contemporary city.

Our website houses an audiovisual presentation of the project within AZCA upon an interactive editable map. Our aim is to provide a means for the upload and download of audiovisual data from and into mapped locales. In this way, this work is to be an “evolutionary installation,” an open interactive archive for public engagement. 

For more extensive information on the project please visit the blog: or Medialab-Prado’s site:

Additional thanks to Artur Vidal, Horacio González, Luis Ayuso and Carlos Panero Zurbriggen for their assitance and contributions within the workshop. 

Check here for video demonstrating the audio projection experienced by participant’s as they navigate the far corner of AZCA where the virtual Opera has been created:


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