Creative Programming Tuition: ISIS Arts

Delivery of tailored one-to-one tuition programmes for artists wishing to diversify their practice to incorporate new media technologies. Delivered through ISIS Arts, Newcastle (First: January 2006, last: May 2008 )

Expertise: Interactive audiovisual programming through Max/MSP, Jitter or processing. Interactive web elements through processing, php etc. 

Programmes run so far (most recent first):

  • Live visual creation through video tracking of dancers movements
  • Spectral data visualisation
  • Live video control through hacking midi instruments
  • Audiovisual event triggering through use of Arduino and various sensors
  • Audio signal recoginition (like voice recog but for more diverse sounds)

    For more information on the tuition scheme contact ISIS ( I believe they make the call for those interested in learning new skills twice a year. The cost is minimal. Its a great scheme!

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